Time to regenerate

The world of saunas

A professionally designed relaxation zone, including a dry sauna, a wet sauna, an infrared sauna, foot soaking bowls, a mud bath and heated benches, allows you to regenerate your strength and cleanse your body of toxins.
Please note that the Sauna World in our hotel is a clothing-free area intended for adults only.

The world of Saunas

Dry Sauna

Otherwise known as a Finnish sauna. It is a wooden sauna heated by a stone stove, in which the air temperature ranges between 90-120⁰C. Bathing in a dry sauna stimulates metabolism, effectively helps in the weight loss process, improves the quality of sleep and reduces the effects of stress.
Staying in this place guarantees faster muscle regeneration, and the effects of overtraining are less painful.

The world of Saunas

Salt Sauna

The Salt Sauna is a combination of a dry sauna with the added benefits of sea salt.
The temperature ranges between 59-90⁰C, with moderate humidity.
This sauna is recommended for individuals with respiratory issues.
Up to 10 people can enjoy the Salt Sauna at one time.

The world of Saunas

Steam Bath

Steam bath – ceramic. The air temperature ranges between 45-65 ⁰C with 100% air humidity.
Heated by hot steam, which perfectly relaxes blood vessels, dilates the respiratory tract and cleanses the body of substances harmful to the body.
Up to 10 people can stay in the steam room at one time.

The world of Saunas

Aroma Bath

It is a combination of a steam bath with aromatic oils. It provides cleansing and relaxation for the entire body.
This bathhouse can accommodate up to 5 people at one time.

The world of Saunas

Mud Bath

Mud Bath, also known as Rasual, is a bath with temperatures ranging between 35-55⁰C. It has very high humidity levels and consists of two rooms.
The first room is a vestibule with a mud washbasin and a shower, while the second room is a bathhouse where guests can apply mud or clay.
This treatment has a nurturing and therapeutic effect on the skin, joints, and muscles.

Take a rest with a view

Sunny Meadow

Experience the ultimate in comfortable tanning at Sunny Meadow, where you can achieve a beautiful and lasting tan in skin-friendly conditions.
Unlike traditional solariums, our facility prioritizes your safety by eliminating the risk of side effects associated with excessive UV exposure.
Our specially designed lamps emit UV rays that mimic natural sunlight, stimulating the skin to produce endorphins, also known as "happiness hormones".
The Sunny Meadow offers a relaxing retreat with two loungers in a glass room providing picturesque views of the lake. It's the perfect place to unwind and soak up the benefits of our state-of-the-art tanning technology.

The world of Saunas

Showers of Impressions

Showers of Impressions are a type of shower with variable intensity, type and temperature of water streams.
Unlike a standard shower, the stream of pressurized water is directed in all directions, not only from above. Additionally, the showers are accompanied by light effects, the release of essential oil scents and the sounds of music or nature.

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