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We are living in a fast paced environment that affects every area of our lives.
This "rush" often carries serious negative effects that many people do not pay attention to or simply do not realize they exist.
These effects cause a number of irreversible changes, especially in nature, which is why we decided to implement a Conscious Life  philosophy in our restaurant.


In New Island you will not find a traditional bill of fare.
Earth, water or fire. The decision about a culinary journey is made each day, based upon which seasonal products are most freshly available. 
The result is a creative menu, beating in time with nature’s rhythm, served with respect and humility to changing seasons. 


... Thanks to this, our dishes are always prepared with fresh, high quality products that are usually obtained from local suppliers and always in adequate amounts.
We do it because we care for you and out future.
You too begin to live according to the philosophy of CONSCIOUS LIFE, and the world in which we live in will become better!

Tomasz Milewski

, Mikołajki. Galeria
, Mikołajki. Galeria
, Mikołajki. Galeria
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